Hi there! I'm LC,

And nothing lights me up more than knowing that you are giving the world a chance to get to know you. 

A few basic points about me (you can read my extensive story here-coming soon):

  • In 2011 I moved across the United States with a carload of stuff, new divorce papers and a whole lot of faith that life was going to show me the way
  • It did! I lived in Ashland, Oregon for 3 years and fell in love with someone I never thought I ever would: myself
  • In 2014, I followed my soul to Hawaii. I ended up on Oahu with no plan, home, job, or connections
  • I'm still on Oahu and I love seeing soulpreneurs like me take their own style of flight--in their businesses!

That's Where You Come In

All along, I've been teaching soulpreneurs how to align so fully, so deeply with their own souls, that they create businesses not out of terrible efforting, forcing, and desperation (we've all been there, right?) but in a space of passion, freedom, lightness and joy. 

From peace comes Clarity. It's never through clarity that you get to peace. You can't force yourself into clarity, no matter how badly you want it. Trust me, I've tried. Give up the fight, sister! You have exactly what it takes to come into alignment with your soul. Sometimes, we simply need each other.

This is why I started the 3c Community: Clarity, Clients & Cashflow.

The world needs your gifts, and you deserve to thrive when you share them. This community is for sister soulpreneurs who are ready to invest in themselves, not a huge amount, because I know what it's like to seemingly have limited resources, but enough to dig in and get shit done!

Yes, I help you stay in alignment first and foremost. Do you know what that means? We have a TON of fun!! And we also do the work: energetic work and practical, actual, "Oh right, I have a business," work. 

In the community you have weekly, yes 4x/month, Zoom calls for:

  • Direct support unique to your vision and business
  • Masterminding with peers, co-working, and tech support. I LOVE tech. It's a portal to freedom.
  • On-demand access to resources for aligning yourself to your soul, your business to your clients, and your work to your cashflow! 

Okay, I know, I sort of turned this about page into a sales page for the 3c Community, but I simply couldn't help myself. It's such a joy to share it, and you can have as much fun sharing your business, too. I know it!

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