Clarity Sessions
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Laura Christine

LC is the founder of Being Boundless and host of The Boundless Heart podcast. She get's right to the heart of the issue causing "indecision fatigue" so you walk away having a clear path to the future that awaits you. 

When you choose to work with LC, you're inviting yourself behind the curtain of your own self - to take a peek at what is hiding from you but you're ready to see. Although she has great intuitive capabilities, she always leads you to your own knowing rather than "telling" you how she sees it could be. Your own choice is the one that counts.

The real magic happens in conversation, where nuggets of clarity burst forth. If there is a need for energy work, or reading Runes, it can and very well may be done, but your answers come from you. This is why one session is enough to move you through this block.

You'll feel validated for being where you are, confident to move forward in the best way for you, and like the fog has lifted so what you have been trying to create suddenly comes so easily.

$150  $99 until The Boundless Heart Podcast launches in July!

Single sessions only - because that's all you need.

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