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Quick Shift

Sometimes, a quick and honest look at what’s happening underneath the obvious is just the right thing to clear blocks and move you along your path.

In this single Intuitive Healing session, LC creates and holds space for you to come into full alignment with your soul. You'll receive answers to questions you are (or may not even know you are) asking. You'll tune into your own knowing with LC right there beside you to act as a mentor and give confirmation. At times, your guides will speak directly to and through her so their messages can be translated into your language.

Expect a deeply healing and clarifying experience. If you'd like more support, consider one of her package options.


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Soul Alignment

Four sessions takes your Intuitive Heaing with LC up a notch. This is a wonderful opportunity to get to the root cause of misalignment. As a specialist in uncovering limiting programming, and re-scripting the subconscious, LC is your go-to for aligning with your soul's calling for you in this lifetime.

In four sessions you can experience incredible shifts in confidence, self-image, and trusting yourself. LC guides you into your own knowing using your body's astrology and language. You will be able to take the tools learned in your sessions with you to use anytime you feel misaligned or ungrounded.


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Total Transformation

Imagine standing in front of your current self as your SoulSelf, 3 months from now. You've let go of the limiting scripts holding you back. You've reprogrammed your beliefs to align with the truth of who you are. You've radically accepted that truth, and you've taken the steps to bring you into total alignment with who you really are.

Imagine living authentically, 100% of the time, unafraid of who might think or say what, because you are in a state of self-love so great that no one can sway you from your path.

If you're ready for a Soul Intensive with LC, this is your path. You receive the most support here, and the greatest transformation.

10 Sessions + In-Between support

I'm Ready

Just need a simple and fast answer?

LC offers a unique opportunity to receive guidance from your spirit team plus a boost of energy clearing. Simply purchase your Channeled Message + Reiki.

LC is notified via email when you do, and she'll place you in the next available space on her calendar to sent 10 minutes of Reiki and then tune in with your guides to give you guidance on one topic or question. 

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