Rightful Rage: how allowing our rage will save the Earth

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Images of the Goddesses Eris and Lilith with the words: Rightful Rage on top

"I don't get angry."

Have you ever said that? Do you know someone who has? If not, you do now. I've said that. I've said that up until very recently.

I'm going to go out on a limb and say that people who say they don't get angry--are angry.

There is a shadow aspect whose name is RAGE, and she's burning to get out. 

When rage, or anger, is pushed aside, ignored or outright denied, wars arise. 

If we deny ourselves any part of life, we deny ourselves all of life.

Two goddesses illustrate this divinely well: Eris & Lilith.

Eris: Goddess of Discord

Eris is the goddess of strife and discord. Eris causes wars. Eris initiates uprising. As well she should. Her story goes . . . 

Because Eris has a tendency to cause discord, she is denied an invitation to a wedding. Being part of the human psyche, which can only be denied but not destroyed, Eris shows up anyway. Still, she was not let in.

Eris responded by throwing a golden apple over the gate inscribed "For the Fairest." Hera, Athena, and Aphrodite argued over who should receive the apple. Paris, prince of Troy, was selected to choose. Hera offered him political power, Athena offered him infinite wisdom, and Aphrodited offered him the most beautiful woman, Helen of Sparta. 

Paris gave the apple to Aphrodite in exchange for the promise of Helen. Thus began the Trojan war. 

Eris is blamed. Eris wasn't even there. 

It is not rage itself that is the problem. It is the denial of its existence and the attempt to extinguish it from the psyche which causes war. Every outter battle is a result of unresolved inner battles - no exceptions.

Lilith: the First Woman

Lilith is the goddess we all need now more than ever. Her story goes like this. . .

God made Adam and Lilith of the same Earth, as equals. Lilith chose not to take a submissive posture to Adam and was thereby cast out of the Garden. She was fine with that. She went out and found someone who would recognize her as equal. She married Archangel Samael. 

Adam needed someone to do, so God took one of his ribs and made Eve. She ate the apple. Some say Lilith shape-shifted into a serpent in order to wake her the F up with it. 

Unfortunately, Adam got scared when he ate it and blamed Woman for all his suffering, and all his ancestors' suffering, from that day forward. Eve complied, which is the whole problem to begin with.

The church says Lilith is a demon.

Because if women were to understand and express their power, there would be no church. 

There would be worship, there would be wonder, there would be devotion, there would be joy, there would be respect for all humans, whole humans, every part of humans, there would be respect for all the Earth, but there would be no church.

Women, as we rise,

There will be worship, there will be wonder, there will be devotion, there will be joy, there will be respect for all humans, whole humans, every part of humans, there will be respect for all the Earth. Rise, Woman.

Your heart is not hopeless. You've just been playing Eve too long. Eris is here, welcome her rage. Lilith is here, become her strength.


Today I invite you to join an Inner Circle of women who are dedicated to rising. We practice setting boundaries that the patriarchy prevented. We practice letting our rage run through us - not at anyone - but for everyone. Rage is a creative energy, but not if she's pushed down. We delight in the celebration of life for life's sake. We say what we've needed to say but buried for fear or worse. We divide our sorrow, multiply our joy, and sisters, we RISE. 

This Inner Circle is the premium membership of The Boundless Heart Podcast, which launches (or launched, if you're reading this after) on July 20th, 2021. The podcast empowers women into fierce self-love, independence, and like Lilith would only accept: equal partnership. You will receive intimate "off the mic" sessions where community questions are answered and we dive deeply into the tenderest and toughest aspects of the culture and of the powerful feminine psyche. And each month we gather together on zoom to open more of ourselves to ourselves, each other, and the world.

When women start treating themselves with the respect, dignity, love, and honor they deserve, humanity will treat the Earth that way, too. It's $7/month. I'll see you inside. ๐Ÿ’›LC

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