Lucifer: The Energetics of the Devil

channeling energetics shadow work Mar 19, 2021
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We've all been cheated. Not by Lucifer, but by trying to make Lucifer not exist. Don't worry, I'm not bringing you into the dark side. 

Lucifer is the light bringer

Literally, that's what "lucifer" means. Lucifer brings the light by showing you the darkest dark. You bring yourself to the light.

I'm not saying, "Go out and worship the Devil." But I'm saying if you try to shut out the devil within, you will never see the light. 

How the Shadows are Helpful

Let's appreciate the Shadow a little bit more for what it does for us. It shows us what demons lurk in the our minds, in our bodies, in our hearts and in our energy. The demons are hiding behind thoughts we think are true. It's believing these thoughts to be true that hurts us.

This is why the conditioning and subconscious programming we've been given cause so much grief, disease, dying, and suicide in our world. It's because we're trying to pretend that Lucifer doesn't exist within us. A few of these programs are:

  • We shouldn't share our emotions
  • We shouldn't speak our truth
  • We should mind everyone else's needs first
  • We should stay positive all of the time

The moment we start to recognize how untrue these beliefs are, how dark they make us feel, and we honor the fact that now we're aware of them, that this darkness is brought to light, then we can bring ourselves to the light. So yeah, the Devil ain't outside of you, that's for sure.

Take notice, when your thoughts don't feel light and free, that's just a little bit of Lucifer showing you what's up. 

For more on The Energetics of Should, listen to The Boundless Soul episode 105. It will help you clear shame around those shadowy thoughts. 

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