Channeled Advice for Being Drama Free: Rune Wisdom

emotional intelligence people pleasing runes May 02, 2021

Today I have the transcript for you, edited for punctuation so it's easier to read.

This is an entertaining one. I even wink at you (I'm embarrassed to say) but if you're all about speed and you're a fast reader, then by all means, do as you please. 😊

Overall this week, the runes want to remind you that life moves in cycles. Sometimes things move fast, and sometimes they go slow, and it's all okay. Sometimes we even just need to pause.

If we look at the runes in our reading, we have a couple themes. First of all, Dagaz and Mannaz are on the outsides, and they look very similar, don't they? Isa is the rune on the bottom, and Hagalaz is right above it. Both of them have to do with ice. 

Let's start with Isa (bottom). This is the rune tells us the way to get through any time you're feeling like you're being sucked into drama is to step back and pause. "Isa" means "Ice," which is cold, you can slip on it, it's like *ugh*, but this rune is a beautiful reminder that healing happens when we are still. Healing happens when we pause, it reminds us that while water can and does freeze, it can be solid and frozen, that same water will also melt. It will move again. It will become gaseous again. Cycles, right? Everything moves in cycles.

Dagaz is the rune to the left. It means day, and the most important message today from this rune is that you are complete as you are right now and always. We can even make the shape of it with our arms, and I invite you to do this with me now.

Isn't it interesting that this symbol, making it with your body like this (cross your arms in front of you with the elbows facing down and your hands on opposite shoulders) means "love" in American Sign Language? Dagaz, whole, complete. I am whole and complete as I am right now - as the 24 hours in a day constitute a complete cycle. Very cool.

This wholeness is going to be really essential to remember when crisis happens which is represented by Hagalaz, the middle rune. Hagalaz means hail, and what does hail do? Well, it waters the ground - after it destroys what's on it.

As you're moving through crises like Hagalaz represents, it's so important to remember your wholeness, that you have all you need, and all the resources are within you.

The reminder here is that yes, things happen that can feel very tumultuous. Our mental anguish creates emotional turmoil doesn't it? If we simply let that hail fall and become the water that it will become, it will be a lot easier to flow through it. Step back, be the witness represented by Isa., the still and silent observer of our lives.

If not, and this is the big one, (this is kind of the whole message of this reading coming to you): we tend to get pulled into drama, whether it's our own stories that we keep repeating or whether it is drama from family, friends, partners, outside ourselves seemingly, whatever.

Yes, there is validity in all emotions, absolutely, and when we feel those emotions, let them take their course, remember everything moves in cycles, they will all come and it will go. However, we are so powerful as humans that we get to bring those emotions into our minds and repeat, and repeat, and repeat, and repeat, and repeat, if we so choose. Whoa! If we so choose. That's powerful. Are you choosing to continue to repeat past or even present stories on a loop in your mind?

*Ha* interesting, this symbol that I'm doing right now (making "finger circles" at my temple) means crazy, because it drives you crazy when you loop these stories in your mind that create anguish in the mental aspect of you, which brings emotional turmoil to you as well. And we all know that emotional turmoil creates physical results within our bodies and within our lives.

Take that step back, watch what's happening to you - I prefer to say "for you" - because everything is happening for your growth. Be the observer. Take that pause. Be still in your center. Watch it happen. Feel what you feel and then let that feeling go, and let the story that created the feeling go, because there's a new story for you in every single moment. Anytime you choose there is a new story for you, and you get to write it.

Remembering that you are complete as you are (Dagaz), taking that step back and pausing in that wholeness (Isa), watching this crisis happen (Hagalaz) - this is ego, always, because ego is what attaches, and when you try to stay attached to something that is ready to not be there anymore, or ready to move on, that causes turmoil - a lot of it. But if you are watching, observing, and seeing, "Okay, that's ready to drop away, so I'm gonna let go and let it drop away," your life gets a lot easier. And here's the cool thing: it brings us to this last rune, Mannaz.

Mannaz means humanity, community. It is that energy of the highest aspect of being human, which takes into account the fact that we are all connected in our wholeness. Look at the symbol. it's the same thing as Dagaz, but it just has longer legs. It reminds us that when we come into our wholeness, that is the best gift we can give to humanity. And when we look out at the community and ask, "Okay, what does the community need from me?" It's not to people-please, it's not to be quiet, it's not to hide who we truly are, it is to come into our fullest power and expression and speak the truth and be whole, realized.

You already are whole, but to have the realization, meaning we are aware within ourselves that we are whole, that adds a tremendous amount of beauty and grace to the whole community, the whole human community, the whole Earth community.

The Earth is being treated how women treat themselves. Let's change that. Let's stand in our power. I know it's hard. Trust me, I am a recovering people-pleaser, and I want so much for everybody out there to feel happy. It's just that that's not my responsibility, and it's really not under my control. As much as I want to control it (and trust me I've tried) it hasn't worked. But what has happened, as an empath, I'm sure you probably are too if you're watching this video (or reading this blog), you see how other people are feeling, and then you feel it too, and now it is yours, and now it is your responsibility. When I'm feeling somebody else's sadness, I'm feeling it. It's my responsibility to heal it, to let it go, to feel it, and then let it go. The way I've always tried to do that is to make them not be sad anymore so I don't have to feel their sadness, but the truth is, I can choose whether or not I'm feeling sad or not, always.

No matter how anyone else is feeling, I can choose how I'm feeling. That is so liberating. Is it easy? Not really. What can we do? Stand back, pause, send, love, send our intention that they feel and realize their wholeness too. But not as cords from all our chakras or else we're gonna need to do some major cord clearing, and yes I do work on cord clearing with people because trust me, it is really powerful, and we're not always aware we have these cords. So send love and intention but not attachment. Do not be attached to how anybody else feels because it is not your responsibility and it's not under your control. I repeat we are only responsible for how we ourselves feel.

We're not always under control because things happen, and then we get to feel that. When we try to control how we're feeling, that doesn't always work either because then we're just lying, as people-pleasers know. "Oh yeah, I'm great." No, I'm not. I'm really not. Lots of times we hide that from ourselves though, so, "Yeah I'm great! Yeah, I'm great. I'm great. Yeah, I'm great. Yeah, I should be great. Yeah, I'm great." No, you're not. That's just how it is as a people-pleaser. Now, as we recover we get to say, "Yeah, I'm great. Oh wait, I'm not really great. I'm not super great. Okay, well actually, I don't really love this scenario, but it's okay." You know what I mean? We take steps, and that's okay too because in all those steps we're whole. Remember that wholeness. That adds to humanity more than anything else - definitely more than hiding what you're really feeling

Let's recap.

First and foremost, the runes aren't asking us anything this week, they're just telling us, "Hey, if you're getting swept up into drama, step the heck back, be still, pause, you'll move again, trust me, life moves in cycles, crisis happens because the ego gets attached. Your soul is boundless, and your soul has no attachments. If you can align more and more and more with your soul and realize that aspect of you, meaning you really incorporate it and integrate it into your personality and your physical body, the less attachment you'll have: send love not cords. Move through these changes and transformations. When you recognize your fullness and your completeness even through this crazy 'letting go and letting in and ah, freaking out and breathing a sigh of relief,' it brings you into that highest aspect of being human, which is to be fully who you authentically are."

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Until next time, thank you so much for Being Boundless with me.

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