98. Sex Abuse Prevention with Emily Gaudreau: What Every Parent Needs to Know

sacred sexuality Jan 05, 2021
The Boundless Soul Podcast Episode 98 with Emily Gaudreau

In this episode I share an organization that's doing a world of good to end sex trafficking. Donate to Ho'ola Na Pua here: https://hoolanapua.org/donate

Emily Gaudreau says a thing of baseline importance when it comes to protecting our kids from sexual abuse and exploitation is to teach the correct anatomical terms. We talk about:
  • Her mission is making sure no child has had their sexuality manipulated by an external force, be it a predator or pornography
  • Why it's massively important to teach all kids the correct anatomical terms
  • How shocking it's been for her to have around 70 people come up to her with stories whenever she speaks publicly
  • Why being quiet is so important in creativity
  • How to deal with haters online
  • Some of what her curriculum is and why she started with adults
  • Why she considers herself conservative in this arena
  • Why predators target Christian and other religious communities
  • There are sexual predators listening to this podcast right now. They aren't stupid.
  • #1 thing for parents to do right now for their kids
  • Deal with pornography exposure as sex abuse, because it is

About my guest:

Emily, once a Playboy photographer, now a child sexual abuse prevention educator and anti-pornography activist. She is a woman on a mission to stop the cycle of sexual trauma and open our eyes to the high price we're paying for our pornified culture.

Connect with Emily: https://howtoraiseamaverick.com
Email her: [email protected]

The host of the How to Raise a Maverick Podcast https://podcasts.apple.com/us/podcast/emily-gaudreaus-how-to-raise-a-maverick/id1221575179




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