95. Boundless Expansion with Sarah Daigle: and Redefining Depression

Dec 15, 2020
The Boundless Soul Podcast 95 with Sarah Daigle

Sarah is such an amazing woman and Wayshower. I'm so thrilled I've finally gotten to meet her and have this wonderful conversation with her.

We dive into energetics but also touch on the science that makes sense of it to our brains. We talk about

  • The mind field and its power to create
  • Heart coherence and its magic especially when combined with the heart
  • How our bodies are truly intelligent (even when we're not)
  • Depression -- it is an experience
  • Our own insecurities and struggles and how we've moved through them (and still move through them)
  • Sarah's diagnosis and how she realized what it really meant

And more of course!


About Sarah Daigle aka SuperNova Sarah

Spiritual Catalyst, Sound Alchemist, Reiki Master & Meditation Guide
Specializing in Vibrational Sound Therapy, Awe Therapy, Self-Empowerment and Energetic Upgrades, Sarah assists others in self-healing, self-discovery and accessing the deeper meaning to life.
"To raise the vibration within is to clear and transform the paths without."
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