90. The Way Forward with Krista Holland

Nov 10, 2020
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History/Herstory points the way forward. Connect with the path in this episode with Sacred Drummer and Teacher of Living Arts, Krista Holland. 

Hear how she followed her Soul and the Universe said fiercely and with so much love, "Don't Stop!" 

This is the main message of this whole podcast: When your Soul says yes, when your Soul says go, don't stop." 

Krista takes us through: 

  • Her own path to Sacred Drumming Finding Teachers
  • Following her own "beat"
  • A brief Herstory: When the Drummers Were Women
  • The cross-cultural phenomenon that drumming was and is
  • How drumming in circle or community creates coherence without needing language
  • The neurological benefits of drumming - including the ease with which her son would fall asleep when she would drum 
  • How to get started with the frame drum 

About My Guest:  

Krista Holland is a yogini, frame drummer, multifaceted teacher, modern polymath, and independent researcher. Krista's work and teaching draw from her in-depth practice and studies in the realms of Hatha yoga, Sacred Drumming, Permaculture, and ancient culture. Krista began her inquiry into Eastern philosophy, mysticism, and various meditation practices at an ashram in India at twelve years of age through one of her Mother's many teachers. Krista has dedicated her life to living and sharing a full-spectrum mandala of practices and disciplines, both ancient and modern. Krista is known for her powerfully transformative teaching and artistry in Hatha Yoga, Permaculture Design and Gardening, and Sacred Drumming.

Connect with Krista: 

 Website: https://sacreddrumming.com 
Facebook Page: https://www.facebook.com/sacreddrumming 

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