89. I Hear Dead People with Amy White

channeling interview medium podcast psychic Nov 03, 2020
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Once a reluctant medium, now Amy White is helping thousands navigate the trials and triumphs of having a human life.

When her son was a teenager, she was faced with the challenges of being a mother to a young adult in a mental health crisis. Amy looked for a supportive community, and when she didn't find it, she created her own by starting a blog. The blog became her book, Closer to Paradise: A Mother's Journey through Crisis and Healing.  

We dive into what it really means to be ALIVE, why our souls are here in the first place, and why this point in time is an opportunity to awaken for every single soul on the planet. Amy sees a brighter future, and when you hear this, you will too. 

Connect with Amy:  

Free Channeled Video Series: 2020 - A Time of Evolution: https://amywhite.co/boundlesssoul

Instagram: https://instagram.com/mzamywhite  

Facebook: https://www.facebook.com/amywhitemedium/ 

Website: https://www.amywhite.co  

Connect with Laura Christine:

The Gathering of Boundless Souls: https://facebook.com/groups/beingboundless  

Instagram: https://instagram.com/being.boundless 

Website: https://beingboundless.com 

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