87. The Dance of Becoming with Jenni Sells of Nesoteric

Oct 20, 2020
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Never stop dancing. It's never too late to start.

I loved this conversation with Jenni SO MUCH. Her experiences are powerful examples of how listening to your inner voice leads you to wonderful things!

We talk about finding flowstate and following through, building an online network of courses to address real, common problems faced by living life, and of course, Kundalini Yoga!

Like so many of us, Jenni has been experiencing levels of anxiety that she has never experienced before, and we discuss and invite you to join us in a practice (a dancing practice) that has worked wonders for Jenni. I tried it myself last week, and it brought me back to the peace of my soul. I hope you join us in this amazing practice this coming week! 

About My Guest:

Jenni Sells is the founder of Nesoteric. She has a deep desire to use her time and energy in a way that serves the evolution of our planet and our species. She has been a spiritual seeker since early childhood, and has studied the philosophies of many of the great traditions - finding wisdom and inspiration in all of them.

Jenni has been a Kundalini Yoga teacher for 8 years. In her work, she has had the great honor of collaborating with some of the wisest, most authentic and inspiring teachers on the planet. It is a great honor for her to be able to share this wisdom in the online courses and global sadhanas at Nesoteric.

In her spare time, she is a lifelong student of herbalism and sacred plant medicine. She loves to travel, be near the ocean or in the mountains, and spend time with her friends and family.

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