85. Live Like Life Means Something with Heath Cummins of Live This Life Podcast

Oct 06, 2020
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From cop to cancer to quitting jobs, infiltrating the political system, metaphysics and Planck (pronounced Plonk),  Heath Cummings, host of the Live This Life Podcast, and I cover it all and then some. This episode is loaded with tips and perspective shifts that will help you align with your Boundless Soul. Put on your headphones and get ready to be wowed. 

About my guest:

 Heath Cummings is a transformative life and resiliency coach, 2 x cancer survivor and advocate for life after PTSD.  After spending 18 years as a cop and art crime investigator, Heath found himself lost in his own life, having built up his career while his personal life crumbled around him. He decided to transform the unfulfilling exisitance he was living and began to search deep to “find” himself. After turning to mainly mainstream religions, he did not resonate with any of them, but found pieces of each.  After identifying as an Omnist, Heath found his connection to the universe and began to work with universal law to create a new reality for himself.

 Now he teaches others the amazing art of self discovery and creating a purposeful life on his show, the Live This Life Podcast- a show that explores how we consciously create the world around us- and how quantum physics and the smallest parts of the universe play a huge role in our reality.

Heath Asks: Are you living, or are you killing time? This is the question he asks all the listeners at the start of each show.  Do you live 5 days a week just to feel alive for two days when you reach the weekend? Do you wait all year for your two weeks of vacation to do the things that make you feel alive? Is your life oriented in a way that you will “feel alive” at a future moment?  When you realize the power of the now moment and how to be present in it fully, you will start to truly feel alive.

You begin to awaken to the power of existence when you realize that you are a character in the book of your life.  The real power comes when you realize that you're also the author of your story.  Pick up the pen and make it the best [darn] book anyone has ever read.

Heath Offers:

Life Coaching for those trying to find more out of their lives, break away from the mundane and take the power back in their lives through self discovery. Or just tune in for the show to join the growing community, twice a week on the Live This Life Podcast found on Apple, Spotify, Anchor, pretty much anywhere you can download podcasts! 

What we mentioned: 

Connect with Heath: https://www.livethislife.org 

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My interview with Jennie Lee: https://anchor.fm/theboundlesssoul/episodes/Gain-Clarity-through-Change-with-Sounds-True-Author--Jennie-Lee-ein6e5  

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