79. How Values Simplify Life with Deanna Frances

courage interview podcast the boundless soul values Aug 25, 2020
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This is a great episode to tune into anytime you feel like you're in a rut, you're judging yourself for changing, you want to review the importance of values, or you want to hang out with a couple other boundless souls!

Deanna is a Values expert and really gives great examples of applying what she teaches with stories from her own life. If you need some inspiration to trust yourself--turn this episode up!

Reach out to Deanna and grab her free 3-part guide to defining your values: https://iamdeannafrances.com/living-on-your-terms-guide

In Deanna's Words:
For years I allowed other people’s opinions and their limiting beliefs guide my life. I spent 12 years (that’s crazy to think about) bouncing from job to job seeking more fulfillment - looking for purpose. I knew deep in my soul, I had so much more to offer the world than the confinement of cubicle walls, fluorescent lights and cheesy slogans that scream “Corporate America!” The thing is - I ignored my intuition for so long. I doubted my abilities, questioned my own motives and convinced myself doing what I love on my own was impossible. I quieted all the outside noise and got completely honest with myself. It was time I start living on my terms- regardless of what other people thought was “right" for me. Through this, I discovered my intuition already follows my value system - I just had to choose, define and align my personal values. I decided what matters most. Now I help others discover their own set of personal values so they can create lives and businesses in alignment with what matters most to them.

I definitely resonate with her story! No wonder we hit it off so quickly.

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