77. Sacred Inner Marriage - Part 4: Loving the Light & Shadow (Finale)

shadow work Aug 04, 2020
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What hides in the Shadows of your Personal Power? How about your Sensuality? What about your Root? I asked myself these questions and I took a look. At the time of recording, I had journaled through these shadows the day before. At the time of putting this episode together, it had been a few days, and what I had seen in the shadows had started creeping up. Why? For me to love. As long as we try to keep parts of ourselves hidden, there is a longing for love. Once integrated, we simply are... love. But the layers run deep. I invite you on this journey to the Underworld with the Queen of Heaven and Earth, and me, and all of us.

I learned about the Epic, "The Descent of Inanna" through Meggan Watterson's Divine Feminine Oracle Deck. You can learn more about it here:  

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