75. Sacred Inner Marriage - Part 3: Shattered

inanna podcast sacred inner marriage shadow work solo episode the boundless soul Jul 28, 2020
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What's hiding in the shadows of the Third Eye? What about the Throat Chakra? What have you not been saying? And how about the heart? Has your heart been shattered, too? Can we look within the shadows, shine a light on what is there, and feel the void, the empty space between what we love and what we hide, and let that empty space, that longing, pull the two together in a deep and eternal love? Let's find out together. 

What shadow resonates with you most? 7th Chakra: Needing to Know? 6th Chakra: Self-Judgment? 5th Chakra: Desperate need to be heard? 4th Chakra: inability to love yourself unconditionally? You know they all resonate with me! But when we shine light on them, we can love them and become whole.

This episode features SHATTERED, a song I wrote when my heart shattered open after I sincerely prayed this Sufi prayer:

Shatter my heart so a new room can be created for a limitless love.

You can also find this song on Spotify.

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