74. Sacred Inner Marriage - Part 2: Removing My Crown

inanna podcast sacred inner marriage shadow work solo episode the boundless soul Jul 21, 2020
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At the start of this series I told you I would be honest. I didn't know that meant I'd be reading out of my personal, private journal. 

I hope this won't offend you. This week revealed some shadows hiding beneath my crown. As uncomfortable as the journey is, this episode ends with an uplifting message channeled for me (but really, for us) by my guides.You may see that I skipped an episode. 

Following is what I published between the introduction to and the first step in the Descent of Inanna. It's a channeled message and it seems to be quite popular, so I didn't want to leave it off the blog completely.

Here you're learn what I learned when I was pulled over by a cop, and much more.

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