70. Pleiadian Party: Will I Receive the Abundance?

abundance boundless soul channeling mindset money pleiadians podcast solo episode Jun 30, 2020
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I loved this Facebook live so much that I turned it into a podcast.

The main point to take away is this:

Are you asking or desiring?

I had a wonderful person ask if she would be receiving the abundance she had been working so hard for.

If you tune into the energetics of this question, it is only a question due to doubt. The "question" was actually revealing her desire. She desired to receive abundance. The real question is: "Am I a vibrational match to what I am seeking?" If you're questioning it, you're usually not, but luckily there are ways to get into the vibration of whatever you do want. Have a listen...

We talk about agendas, time, abundance, and partying. We talk about what we most feel called to do, and I hope you join the conversation!

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