Balance: Rune Reading May 10-16, 2021

runes self worth May 09, 2021

Let's play today. Pick your row, top or bottom, then read that section to find its meaning for you.

Before I dive into the individual rows, I'll start by saying that courage is of utmost importance for all of humanity now. Who is ready to be born out of you - the you that has never before been? It takes a lot of courage to do things differently than you've ever done them, and I applaud your courage in being on earth at this time. 

Find your balance, feed your soul, be honest, and follow your flow.

Row 1:

Mannaz (sideways), Berkano, Tyr

Mannaz is the rune of humanity. It is a very particular energy of the balance that comes when you honor your own gifts and develop them as much as you look to the community for what it wants from you. The deepest truth here is that humanity wants from you to be you, fully, wholly, authentically you. Because Mannaz showed up on its side, it feels like a pretty massive imbalance is going on, and be honest with yourself now: are you putting too much importance on yourself? Or not enough? Are you letting others walk all over you? Are you being truthful? We as a species cannot advance when all too many of us are not being our fully authentic selves, which means speaking up when we want--or don't want--something. Sit with this energy awhile. Where can you add more life? Where can you let more go?

Berkano is a beautiful rune that will help you remember your divinity in case your ego has clouded your vision of yourself. Berkano is the mother goddess and healing force within all of life. She is the rune of prana, the life force. To come into balance with your true nature, it is going to take trust in this eternal presence of life. Every moment is an access point to new growth and healing.

Tyr is the rune of courage. This is the courage to sacrifice what is not serving you, and therefore the collective. What can you leave behind today in order to raise the consciousness of yourself and therefore humanity? Let the image of this rune, the upward pointing arrow, remind you always of your direction.

Row 2:

Hagalaz, Ehwaz, Uruz

Hagalaz is the rune of crisis. It is the hail that waters the ground, but not before destroying what is on it. Relationships are crumbling everywhere. Is yours? Be honest. There is a massive restructuring going on. It will continue whether or not it is denied. 

Ehwaz is the partnership rune. Partnerships have not been equal for millenia. There is an overall energetic of the masculine overriding and having control over the feminine. This is really no longer deniable, and the "goddess" is simply not willing to have this anymore. As she rises, the strong and full masculine who realizes his completeness in himself, shall remain strong and steady. The masculine who has been conditioned to take power from the feminine in order to feel it is having a hard time with the feminine stopping this overgiving as she rises into her full power. It is a lesson for both - Uruz - all power comes from within. Both must realize their respective wholeness for an equal partnership ever to exist. We're getting there. Look to your life. Are you fully authentic? Truthful? Do you have boundaries? Do you act in congruency with them? You must. Now.

Be sure to schedule your personal Runes Reading if you're looking for some solid, no-nonsense advice straight from your higher wisdom and spirit.

Until next time!

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