105. Clearing Shame: The Energy of "Should": Channeled by LC

Feb 23, 2021

Hi friends! I tuned in and channeled some energetics on "Should."

The funny thing is, I did it after I created a really good episode on "Should I start a podcast or do videos?" but I realized that I was pushing the whole "Give soulpreneurs actionable and practical tips and how-to's" thing. Let's get really honest here: it is ALL about energy.

"Should" is a major shame creator. Here's how you can reprogram yourself out of it and into something much more life-giving.

Beware though! The brain is really smart, and it's very easy to fool ourselves into thinking that we're changing when we really aren't. You'll see - er - hear.

Thanks to "A Gal Named Kate" for the wonderful 5 star review!

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BONUS! Here's a YouTube video of the unplublished as a podcast episode: Should I Start a Podcast or YouTube Channel? (Why not both haha)

Can't wait to meet you!

Big Hugs!

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