104. Reach Your Potential with Carolyn Colleen of FIERCE Network

self worth Feb 19, 2021
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Creating your dream life takes realizing your potential. It all comes down to the relationship you have with yourself. From there, you can always count on your new BFF: Breathe, Focus, Take Fierce Action, and you can do it in as little as 5 minutes a day.

Carolyn Colleen and I have a candid discussion about overcoming life's difficulties and problem-solving your way out of any situation you find yourself in. She rose out of poverty because she was born with a brain that can solve problems, and she can help you solve yours, too!

This is a wonderfully inspiring and tip-filled episode for anyone, especially if you're growing a soul-led business and wish to change the world.

About my guest:

Carolyn Colleen is a fierce mother of three children, author, international speaker, entrepreneur, and business strategist focused on helping others achieve their goals. Carolyn is the founder of the FIERCE Network, an online program that helps women create life strategies that enable them to have the life they dream of—without sacrificing their families, careers, or lifestyles.

She is also the author of F.I.E.R.C.E.: Transform Your Life in the Face of Adversity, 5 Minutes at a Time! Carolyn is a consultant and thought leader for Case Western Reserve University as a leader within the Xchange approach, an initiative built upon a scientifically based, multi-disciplinary approach for leading and managing teams. In addition, she is currently publishing a second book focused on academic entrepreneurism and is the Executive Director of 1Life Fully Lived, a nonprofit organization that provides people of all backgrounds the tools to achieve success.

From standing in a food line at the Salvation Army to Ph.D Candidate., Carolyn is avid about sharing her own life story and encouraging others to make changes that move them from fear to focusing on the pursuit of their passions.

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