Women are conditioned to shrink, stay small, stay quiet, and be "good."

Too often we shrink in relationships, put our dreams to the side,
give until we have nothing left, and lose ourselves to our own abandonment.

Now, it's time to come home to yourself, remember your dreams, stand up, speak out, and express your fullest authenticity.

Are You Ready?

Yes, I am!
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The Boundless Heart podcast empowers you into fierce self-love, independence, and equal partnership. Launching in July 20th! Subscribe to start your journey now by learning how to stand up for yourself and say "No" with ease.

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Surround yourself with empowering people and you will become empowered! This is a safe space to be you, move through lessons, speak your truth, and practice what you learn on the podcast.


Anytime: Pure Clarity

I'll snap you into pure alignment so you're de-conditioned from being "nice" and re-conditioned into the empowered woman you know you are.

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Cynthia Sophia

Energy Healer, Baja, Mexico

"Today, I had a Session with Laura Christine as I was seeking clarity about a new relationship, and clarity certainly came through! LC guided me to see where I had the opportunity to stand more solidly in my Queen essence, so that this man could show up more solidly as a King in his."

Genie K.

Massage Therapist & Instructor, Hawaii

"LC helped me a lot in coming to terms with myself sabotaging. She immediately recognized my need to question certain factors when it came to understanding underlying self-esteem issues that I had by asking me the right questions. She led me to recognize how to resolve the issues within myself. I found her method very helpful, I loved her Clarity Session."

Kelli Spencer

Holistic Wellness Coach, Minnesota

"You helped me release some judgment and actually want to move forward again. Much love to you for doing that!!"

Why Working with LC Works

Empathy, Telepathy, Love

At the heart of everything, LC's intention is love. She receives knowing through empathy and telepathy, which she translates into relatable and simple concepts, ideas, and metaphors that guide you into deep healing and transformation. Her sessions create massive impact in a short time when the information coming through is taken to heart. 

You also receive energy clearing which creates an alignment of soul, mindset and courage as you take one step at a time on the path your soul is leading you down.